As a young child and all the way through my school years, I could not read properly nor could I do some of the fairly simple maths problems that were presented to me. I did everything possible to avoid reading and even today I don’t particularity like reading, especially out loud, unless I have read the content many times. I am quite a good public speaker now, I perform on stage singing and playing guitar but I can assure you I will be properly prepared by the time I get on stage.

I failed most of my school exams.

As a young boy in national and secondary school in Ireland, I could not study for exams. I could not retain or recall the information I was supposed to have learned, and my feelings of inferiority as a consequence of this as a young person in school was profound. My anxiety and stress levels trying to do these exams was just off the charts. I was so glad to finish school to get out of that type of learning situation, since then learning has been totally different. I learn at my own pace and use my own skills I have developed over the years to learn and retain information when I sit exams.

It is now apparent that teachers back then did not know about Dyslexia or how to teach a student with Dyslexia. It is so amazing to think now there is a way forward for people like me, who just see the world differently.

But to this day I still have trouble reading and writing, especially, with long emails or writing letters, I have to get someone to check, before I send them. There could be a whole series of mistakes and typos and I would not be able to see them on the page.

Learning More About Dyslexia

As I learned more and more about dyslexia I began to realise that I am not alone, that between 10% and 20% of the people on the planet have Dyslexia.

All my life, I learned to Cope with the difficulties by hiding them and not really understanding why I was like this in the first place. I knew I wasn’t stupid, in my mind I had other amazing skills, quick thinking, very musical and creative, very good problem solving skills and I could see the big picture when I would start a project.

I have found this particular skill rather frustrating, telling people who do not understand where I am coming from and usually I go away frustrated from the conversation. I would then, at times, go head long into the project to prove to them I was right, I could see several projects that are connect but no one believes me until, they come to fruition. I am usually told “stay focused”. But my head won’t allow it, I can see the end of the line, maybe not totally but it usually unfolds as I progress into the project. I have absolutely “WORLD CHANGING” ideas at times, but no one listens. Why I ask, “can’t they see what I can see”?

It was just a short few years ago when I realised I was dyslexic

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I started to read about Dyslexia, it was all about me and how I thought and how I go through my life.

So now I know, that problems that arise in my life that are related to Dyslexia, are a bit of a hindrance at times, but that’s all they are. I have overcome them now for many years, I am just different, my head works differently than people who are not dyslexic. So I do what I do now and enjoy every moment of it.

I intend to pass on my knowledge and learning about Dyslexia to other people.

Expect Creative Thinking and Creative Spelling. John Christopher Treacy