I have used many hosting packages over the past twenty five years with other companies for my business. In that time period my business website would have been taken off line by hosting companies for various reasons. The whole experience has been a real learning curve.

It is a really frightening and very frustrating situation to find yourself in, having spent countless hours on designing and putting content onto your website. If your website is a sales portfolio for your business being offline is not good for your business.

If you have an eCommerce website your business is now offline and your hard earned customers are gone somewhere else.

It is so important to have control of your website, your hosting and have backups of your website at all times.

When I got into this whole area initially I didn’t know the tech terminology when I was speaking to support and design personnel. Consequently I found some hosting and website design companies appalling to deal with, made me feel a bit intimidate.

When I would try to get support: Some would not answer the phone at all or take up to a week to answer a support request and some would charge me fees for small support items that should have been included in my hosting package.

One particular company were taking money from my account for domain and hosting renewal times up to three years that were not due at all.

There is no way of retrieving the money in these instances unless you are a millionaire and have very expensive solicitors to take these companies to court.

WordPress is a very popular website format and is really brilliant as you can edit the content yourself. But like everything there are things that can go wrong. You need phone support and replies within a few hours, not days, or a week later or maybe, no reply at all. So this is why you need a local or national online support team to help you.

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